Periflex coupling / Rubber for Periflex coupling

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Detaljnije o proizvodu

Various constructions of highly elastic narrowly profiling hinges allow the adjustment of each drive demand, which is determined by the elastic or elastic sliding connection.
In all performance achieved is an easy way fixing elastic coupling ring.
Periflex coupling submitted (depending on size) angularly moving the tray support to 4 mm, 4 mm to radially and axially and to 8 mm.
In most cases, due to the application of these couplings, it is enough to primitive means center the parts to connect. The exceptions are high-speed machines where it is necessary to implement more precise centering in order to avoid heating the rubber ring. By customer request we can deliver and I have a rubber band. Periflex coupling for easy installation is provided with a transverse slot.
Periflex coupling to the installation to be protected from ultraviolet radiation and steam, various solvents, because they reduce durability.